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Southern Cross University Mountain Bikers

    Southern Cross University Mountain Bikers (SCUMB to friends) was born out of a need to escape the claustrophobic confines of a Dilbertesque cubical IT environment, release ourselves from the frequent reprioritisation of the pointy headed bosses and get out and go for a damned good ride!

    Built upon a core group of chair bound IT dudes with nothing to lose but a bad attitude and a pot belly, SCUMB has grown over its two year existence to a membership of over 20 SCU staff and students as well as a large contingent of mountain biking locals. Queue the banjos!

    In our infancy we started exploring the many different mountain biking opportunities available to be undertaken in a leisurely lunch time ride from Southern Cross University. We now have a swag of rides from 17-70 km that we undertake from the uni, either at lunchtime or early morning.

    SCUMB members are increasingly stepping up to the challenge of the many mountain bike races local to the Northern Rivers, SE Queensland and Coffs Harbour regions. These races are a great social event and provide a stimulus for training which of course means, more riding. Most of these events cater for all levels of rider and are great fun to attend.

    We generally ride Tuesday and Thursday at 12:05 from the road outside the front of the Uni Library. During the summer heat (and swimming training season) we have been doing early morning (6:15AM) rides. These are generally road rides but we have a few bits of dirt that we can get to. Rides may be anywhere from 15 - 50km but generally 20-30km and Thursday is usually an out and back to Numulgi so you can turn back at any stage.

    Weekend rides are generally organised on an ad-hoc basis via the SCUMBGROUP mail list. These rides will include  places such as Uralba, Bungabee, Nightcap NP, Goonengerry etc. These are trail rides with varying degrees technicality but all good fun.

Membership is $5/year if you come on a club ride.

Contact scumb(at)scu.edu.au if you are interested in joining.